How the DowScalper Futures Trading System
Can Help You Profit In The Markets

If you are constantly failing in the markets, DowScalper may help you.  Trading for income is the dream of many people but only a few will ever reach that level.


People rely on indicators and systems that do not take the structure and behavior of the market into consideration.  They jump from system to system without ever committing 100% to mastering one style of trading.

You can stop that right now!

DowScalper tosses all the junk out the window and focuses on REAL market behavior….the same behavior the professionals look at.

The best part is…DowScalper focuses on the start of the trading session so you can be done in as little as 10 minutes.

Forget sitting in front of your monitor all day.  That is the path to burnout.

DowScalper can be the path to your success.


What Are Traders Saying About DowScalper?

“3 trades, 16ticks profit in 9 minutes…..that was really easy…:-)” – Lukas

“I truly do think you are the best system on the web” – Matt

“Your method of trading is the best I have seen so far” – Gary

About DowScalper Shane

Shane is the administrator of this website and started his trading career around 7 years ago. Forex was the vehicle of choice in both a day trading and swing trading fashion. His trading styles runs the range from Fibonacci in the early years to market structure, mechanics and order flow trading today.

The DowScalper method of trading fit quite well with his beliefs about trading and Shane found quick success with the method. When the previous owner decided to sell, it was important that the website landed in the hands of professionals and Shane became the administrator of the website.

As you can see from the newer trading videos, Shane is no stranger to trading, understands market/participant behavior, structure and has clearly made DowScalper his own. With first hand knowledge of his trading success, we are very glad that he has agreed to share his trading with this site.

Head over to the main page of DowScalper for free access to the first module as well as a report about trading the Dow E-Mini