Bad Read Of Market

The morning starts off with the Dow E-Mini in a range but then breaks off to the downside.

Dowscalper is NOT  a breakout trading method so playing the break is usually not in the cards.  I say usually because sometimes there is a pre-breakout setup that appears that can get you positioned before the breakout.

The breakout was strong and then there is an immediate weakening to the move.  That negated any of the trade setups covered in the course for the immediate time.

Price pulls back (the typical breakout-pullback move) and eventually shows weakness and an eventual trade.

For some reason there was video production issues and the trade is not seen at completion.

I can tell you that it ends a scratch trade and then continues to the target but not with me in the trade.

I extended targets to price structure to the left but bounced just prior to the target.  After taking my stop at scratch, price resumes the push to the downside.

Here is the screen capture of a 5 minute chart so you can see what transpired.

dowscalperI used that target because it was a pivot that was already tested and buyers stepped in.  I expected price to drill through that but instead, it bounced and then resumed.  Trade management was KEY to not taking a loss on this trade.

Lesson is when price is not showing much movement (thrust) and instead moves and then ranges (1 minute chart), do not get greedy.  Take the base hit.