Dowscalper Scalping And Rant

I’ve been receiving quite a bit of email asking if Dowscalper works in the current market conditions. To be fair, “works” is a silly word when it comes to trading because there’s no proper definition of “works”. It’s a word people will use when looking for a guarantee that they will make money but anybody […] Read more »

Scalping YM April 21

I haven’t posted in a while because my trading plan has been altered to basically eliminate scalping. Scalping, especially influenced by the method outlined in the Dowscalper course, is still viable as you are looking for something specific.  You are not just guessing when to get in and out of the market.  There is a […] Read more »

Scalping March 11

The morning started off with price in a bull flag and the opening price action took us out of the flag.  We don’t trade the first minute even when moves like we saw today can happen. After the breakout, price does what it often does when breaking out of a flag/channel….it pulls back and attempts […] Read more »

Two Trades And Done

It’s been a while since I not only recorded the YM but also really looked at the market.  My focus has been on other markets just because I get more “bang for my buck” trading other ones. That’s not to say the Dow E-Mini is a bad futures market to trade. It’s actually a great […] Read more »