Technical Trading The YM Futures Contract

It’s been a while since I put a Dowscalper scalping video together.  Since upgrading to Win 10, I have been finding my screen recording software not working so well.  It puts in blank spots and when rendering the video, it doesn’t do it all. This video is actually two segments of the same video put […] Read more »

Bad Read Of Market

The morning starts off with the Dow E-Mini in a range but then breaks off to the downside. Dowscalper is NOT  a breakout trading method so playing the break is usually not in the cards.  I say usually because sometimes there is a pre-breakout setup that appears that can get you positioned before the breakout. […] Read more »

Play The Range

A tricky morning that could have resulted in many failed attempts to get on the long side of the Dow E-Mini.  Price action showed through the many lower shadows that buyers were attempting to drive the market higher and for a time, the market didn’t bite. As these traders kept trying to get long, stops […] Read more »

Impatient Scalping Dow E-Mini

There are those trading days when you just know that you are not 100% in the game.  It’s not that you have deviated fully from your trading plan (although the pure Dowscalper scalps were picture perfect) but you do a little more discretion that you should. Take the second trade in the series. I positioned […] Read more »

Luck Plays A Role

I think everyone who has ever placed a trade as seen something happen that can only be described as “luck”. Today, “luck” happened for me and without it, a losing trade would have been the result. In the trading video below, you will see price extremely close to my stop.  It was VERY difficult not […] Read more »