Course Member Success

Running this website can be a chore at times.  You’d be surprised, or not, the amount of negative people out there who quit when it gets tough.  They quit when they realize there are things they have to battle psychology wise.

I am a huge believer in what you put out, comes back.  Be it thoughts, words or action, if you put out the negative, you get the negative.

Here are some examples:

  1. The person who signs up, takes all the information and then cancels.  What are they putting out to the universe?
  2. The person who constantly talks about what they don’t have.
  3. The person, who when you ask why they want to be a trader, tell you are the things they don’t want.

This may seem like mumbo jumbo but history has shown that those that succeed in anything, have always approached it in terms of “what is possible”.  They project winning attitude and winning actions.

In the course of doing support, I come across people like “B”.  This person signed up and has sent me comments and charts on an almost daily basis.  To be blunt….I have been blunt.  He used words like “fear” and “thinks” and those have no place in trading.  They were causing him to exit trades early, skip trades and thinking what “should” happen instead of seeing what “is”.  I told him if he does not change, he can forget trading for a living as his account will get beaten up… will his confidence.

Today, I received a chart from this trader with the following written upon it:

Dowscalper coure member noteAlmost every thing we have talked about is contained in that comment. From ensuring the trade has room to run to believing in the analysis, this trader had a good day implementing the content of our communication. While there will be setbacks, the taste of a good trading day has been earned by this trader. This can only propel him through times when ugly rears its head again.

The bottom line is the concepts are solid. The only thing that stands between you and success is truly YOU. Don’t blame the course, the market, faceless traders on the other side of the screen or your broker. Taking responsibility for your hits and misses may actually elevate you to the ranks of professional where you can finally call your own shots. Trading can be a challenge but it is a challenge that you can overcome by working on what needs to be worked on…..which is you.

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