Dowscalper Scalping And Rant

I’ve been receiving quite a bit of email asking if Dowscalper works in the current market conditions.

To be fair, “works” is a silly word when it comes to trading because there’s no proper definition of “works”.

It’s a word people will use when looking for a guarantee that they will make money but anybody whose ever traded knows there is no guarantee.  In anything.

I will give it a shot though and answer a few more direct “works” questions

1.  Does it work in giving you an entry?  Yes it does.  Whether you can follow the entries as outlined in the modules and be consistent is another question altogether.

2.  Does it work in taking profits?  Yes it does.  If you can set a target and take the profits if price reaches it is another question.

3.  Does it work in managing risk?  Yes it does.  If you can follow the trade management modules as outlined is another question.

Dowscalper is scalping and requires you to be extremely disciplined in every aspect of the activity.

Brutally honest?

  • The majority will not be consistent.
  • They will incorporate indicators and other variables that are not addressed in the modules.
  • They will think they have mastered the modules because they can understand the modules.
  • They will think every single day has a solid opportunity when in fact there isn’t.

Trading is hard and it should be hard, shouldn’t it be?

What other career can let you work from anyplace in the world?  What other career can give you the same freedom?  What other career can you give yourself a raise?

It doesn’t matter what method or style of trading you use.  What matters, first and foremost, is going to be your personal approach in terms of “getting your head right” about what trading truly is.

Most of you are tire kickers.  You are not 100% serious and committed to the process. 

I can say that because the majority of emails that come through are just like the “works” emails.  They are questions about win rate which shows that this person does not understand even the basics of multiple risk winners.  It’s a failure to grasp that as a discretionary based method using concepts that have stood the test of time…..the result across the board will be varied.

There are those that come through the course with an outstanding mindset and while some don’t make the cut….others do.  It’s battling through the frustrations and above all else, staying consistent.

Those that come through looking for a guarantee……always flame out.

Which one are you?