Impatient Scalping Dow E-Mini

There are those trading days when you just know that you are not 100% in the game.  It’s not that you have deviated fully from your trading plan (although the pure Dowscalper scalps were picture perfect) but you do a little more discretion that you should.

Take the second trade in the series.

I positioned early on the push to the lower range after seeing bulls get beaten back by the bears.  I thought that we would get a kick lower to take out stop below the range.  Turned out that the kick was nothing and price simply reversed (although profits were made).

After adjusting stops (still inside risk parameters) I realized that I was not scalping at 100%.  Scalping requires quick decisions because price can leave the areas of interest very quickly.  No time for triggers…..just decide.

Although I missed some easy plays after I packed scalping in for the day, you have to listen to your gut that says “You are not functioning at a level needed to scalp”.

While the session ends up the upside, it could have easily resulted in a string of losing trade.