Premier Trader University

The type of trading that DowScalper specializes in is discretionary.

In my books and that of many professional traders, it is the epitome of successful trading.

Trading market cycles and structure is a skill that can take quite a while to master.  In doing so though, it is time well spent because you have mastered a skill for life……and for profit.

Trading Success Is Rare

I understand though that it is not for everyone.  The stats show that over 90% of “wannabe” traders fail.  It is imperative that you give yourself a fighting chance at success and that starts with a method you are comfortable with.  It also starts with you having a solid grasp of what trading is and knowing all the moving parts.  Education in trading is not something to take lightly.  Your success will depend on it.

That is why I want to introduce you to Premier Trader University.

Trading isn’t easy.

It isn’t a ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme that you can learn and master overnight – it takes the right training and practice, practice, practice. And like everything – good tools, methods and teachers come at a price.

Premier Trader University and Netpicks

Premier Trader University was created by the founders of NetPicks, Mark Soberman and Brian Short, who have been providing education and systems to traders for more than 16 years.

NetPicks is a well-known and regarded trading system and service company with an unparalleled reputation in an industry not always known for ethics.Premier Trader University

The 16+ years of staying power of NetPicks is a testimony to the innovation, customer service and never-ending quest to make active day trading and swing trading even easier and more profitable for every trader! Premier Trader University is the opportunity to create a full fledged education for traders of all levels and experience, powered by the most successful trading system.

Enroll @ Premier Trader University

There are a ton of reasons to enroll in Premier Trader University – and they’re all related to the desire to take care of yourself and your family, ensuring a happy and anxiety-free future. After all retirement age will come quicker than you think!

In these scary economic times, layoffs are a reality. Many of us live in crippling fear for job stability and the paycheck to clear every 2 weeks.

But you don’t have to become a slave to this feeling of powerlessness.

Instead, you can start growing your own money making skills so you can rest securely knowing that if you ever had to find an alternate source of income, you could, rain or shine.

Over just 90 Days tracking just two of our many Trade Plans (Russell e-Mini and Crude Oil Futures ‘ASW’) will show at least 2x (200%) of the Tuition Cost or you’ll get your entire tuition fee refunded right back!

Forex Traders, you’ll see at least 500 pips over the same 90 days (tracking the EURJPY and EURUSD ‘ASW’ Plans) and if you don’t, you’ll receive a complete refund with our apologies

The bottom line is I want you to succeed.

If DowScalper is not for you (I totally understand!), don’t give up.  Please do not head into the trading forums and pick up tidbits of trading…..because it won’t sustain you in the long run.

Click here to check out Premier Trader University.  I think you will be very happy you did.