Two Trades And Done

It’s been a while since I not only recorded the YM but also really looked at the market.  My focus has been on other markets just because I get more “bang for my buck” trading other ones.

That’s not to say the Dow E-Mini is a bad futures market to trade.

It’s actually a great market for those starting out and also for those needing a break from the faster moving markets.

This video is from Feb 29 and we started off the morning in a consolidation.  On higher time frames, the 9:30 NY start time would have been difficult to trade.

Dowscalper calls for the one minute chart and when looking at those chart, you not only see better detail than higher but also find scalping opportunities.

The market spent over an hour in the area of our downward channel as well as an area the was acting as support in about a 50 point range.

The back and forth movement in this zone is actually conducive to scalping opportunities with the channel giving points of reference.  Given the range of price movement we were in, grabbing our 8-9 points of profit was not too much of an issue.

Check out the video below and feel free to look through this Dowscalper scalping blog.